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How to Get More Instagram Followers for Your Business

Unlike other social media, Instagram is the one of which generates more engagement due to its visual content and ease of use. Every day more businesses want to be part of the Instagram community, mainly because it had become a great marketing channel.

If you want to enhance your social media account growth, keep reading. I’ll show you five keys to get real and committed followers in your Instagram account.


Create a calendar, be consistent

This list of tips does not have a specific order, but this is probably one of the important advices you should follow if you want your account to grow. Plan how often you want to publish new content. Some pages like say you should post every day, but others say to just post at the right time.

It doesn’t matter if you post two, three, four, or five times a week, the important thing is to be consistent, create a calendar to know which day and time you should be posting.


Keep in touch with your audience


Neil Patel and Vanessa Lau are two social media experts who are dedicated to teaching others how to grow on social in an organic and fast way. They agree on the importance of caring about your audience.

For Patel, answering comments is a great way to show your followers you care about them. Vanessa says the way she measures her Instagram success is by counting how many private conversations in DM she has.

Here the message is clear. Answer comments, respond to DMs, after all, Instagram is a social media, a place where people digitally interact.


Choose the right hashtags

Shopify blog recommends using hashtags in your posts especially if you are starting. Take the time to research and find out the hashtags that are related to your business and are popular as well.

Do not use extremely popular hashtags like #business #fashion or #beauty, they just won’t make you reach the right audience. Also, there are some apps you can use for this purpose.

Vanessa Lau recommends rotating hashtags. When you use the same hashtags in every post, Instagram identifies them as spam. That will decrease the probabilities of your content appearing in the feeds of your followers and other users.


Write longer captions


Later blog advises writing longer and in-depth captions in order to connect with your followers. If you really want to achieve social media account growth, you should let your audience know more about your business. Tell them what’s your vision, your goals, and your philosophy.


Post more videos

Instagram changed a lot since Facebook became its parent company. According to Neil Patel and Later blog, now videos are getting more attention than images. So, you should start posting videos more often. They do not need to be high-quality videos with great music and edition, they just need to be genuine and interesting for your audience.


Following these four simple steps are effective. However, the speed of the process depends on how much time you dedicate to it. Start step by step, be patient and you finally see the fruits of your labor.