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Where Dirt Is Hiding in Your Home?

Dirt and dust are two things that are very tricky. They could be hiding in every nook and corner of your home or office. So you are never really too sure of where the dirt is unless you spend a good amount of time finding it or unless you are cleaning each and everything in your house. Otherwise, there is a high chance that you might miss out on where dirt actually is hiding. To avoid the hassle yourself, you can always call modern maids to your house to get things sorted out and cleaned efficiently. Modern Maids Austin is known to be one of the best service providers in the USA, so if you are from there, give them a call.

However, if you do a bit of research yourself, you can always find out where the dirtiest places in your home might be. For that purpose, we are going to enlist a few of the common places where you can expect to find dirt and dust very commonly.

Enlisted and explained in detail are 3 places that are extremely prone to dust and hence these are places where you can expect to find a lot of dust and dirt in your home or office.


Curtains can be very tricky. Whilst they might look very fashionable and clean from the outside, internally, they might be considerably dirty and have a lot of dust in them. In order to make sure that they stay free from all sorts of dust, dirt, and germs, take the curtains off every two weeks and put them in the washing machine if they are made of a fabric that is washable. This will not only ensure that the shine of the curtain remains clear and intact, but it will also make sure that all the dirt and dust stay away for a longer period of time.

Ceiling Fans

Perhaps the most common breeding ground for dust and dirt in your house are the ceiling fans. This appliance is often ignored and not cleaned thoroughly due to which dust settles down very quickly here. To clean them, try to use a swifter duster or you may also use a light vacuum on them. However, vacuum cleaning is not as necessary as dusting since ceiling fans can become very dirty very quickly.

Air Vents

Another common source of dust and dirt are the air vents. The narrow opening of the air vents are the perfect dust catchers and are therefore very necessary to be looked after. Vacuuming the air vents once a month is great but every year, take out some time to remove the panel of the vent and thoroughly clean it by wiping down the entire panel religiously. While the panel is off, you can run the vacuum hose into the venting as deeply and as detailed as possible. This will be sufficient enough to ensure that your air vents remain clean and dust-free for a relatively longer period of time.