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A guide to parking at Perth airport

Perth Airport is an international airport located in Perth, the largest and capital city of Western Australia. This airport is the 4th occupied airport in the continent and caters to a large number of flights and passengers.
An airport parking is what profoundly affects its impression and attracts more people towards it. The Perth Airport parking rates vary according to the type of parking that you choose. The parking spaces that are close to the airport are expensive, while those that are far are cheap.   


Perth airport has parking facilities that encompass all budgets and timeframes. It is always recommended that you book your parking beforehand online. This would save a lot of time and money.   

Like other airports, Perth international airport also offers both short-term and long-term parking.

Short-term parking

This parking is used where you need to either drop or pick someone up. Or you need to park your car for a shorter period of time. These parking lots are located very near the airport and make it very convenient for you to reach the terminal on time. A drawback of short-term parking is that it is quite expensive and can consume a lot of money from your overall budget.

The first 10 minutes of your car park at the short-term parking lot are free, after which charges apply. These charges increase as the parking time increases. They start from $8 for 15-30 minutes and go up to $14 for 45 minutes to 1 hour. For every exceeding hour, you need to pay $2 more. Parking rates go even high if you leave your car in the car park for 24 hours or more. For 8 hours- 24 hours, the airport would charge you $51. Around $35-$50 are added for each extra day your car stays parked at the airport. These charges can go as high as $322 for seven days.

Long-term parking

As implied by its name, long-term parking is opted for in situations where one needs to leave their vehicle in the airport parking capacity for a week or more. This usually happens with people who do not have anyone to give them pick and drop to the airport. Unlike short-term parking, long-term parking is less expensive and more cost-effective. This is so because these parking lots are a distance away from the airport hence not that much expensive. Some airports do provide transport services to travelers who opt for long-term parking.

When compared with short-term parking, long-term parking has visibly reduced prices. They charge as low as $10 for 4 hours. Ranging from $28 per day to $215 for 15 days, this parking method is extremely cost-effective.


Perth Airport is one of the largest airports in Australia. They provide facilities and services; no one can match. Your payment for car parking ensures the safety of your car. The parking authority makes sure that your vehicles remain safe throughout your journey.