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Why Having the Right Hashtags Can Transform Your Instagram Strategy

Are you interested in finding out why having the right hashtags can transform your Instagram strategy, how to repost on Instagram and more tips? Look no further.

The right hashtags mainly include hashtags that can match your brand and the targeted audience. These hashtags make your content more discoverable on Instagram. By using hashtags, you are also able to get the attention of those who are yet to follow your personal, brand, products, or services account/page.

Why Having the Right Hashtags Can Transform Your Instagram Strategy?

Instagram hashtags are the most effective way to get more attention on your important posts. You can transform your Instagram strategy by getting more eyes on your hash-tagged posts compared to engagement seen for posts without hashtags.

Also, hashtags that are relevant to your products, services, or whatever you are posting can convert viewers into potential clients. The use of hashtags focuses on allowing you to be seen by the right people rather than being seen by the majority. Therefore, one’s posts get a higher engagement rate and the best followers who are interested in the posts.

You do not need to use up to 30 hashtags for each Instagram advertisement post – the best number of hashtags is at least 9. Visit your competitors’ or well-known influencers’ Instagram accounts/pages to see the perfect hashtags for your brand.

Creating a hashtag strategy for your brand Instagram posts is required and recommendable if you want the best results and to grow your account.

How to Repost on Instagram and more Tips

To repost on Instagram is also referred to as to regram. There are two ways detailed below on how one can repost.

To Regram an Instagram post using the Instagram+ app you should:

  1.       Open your Instagram app and look for the post you want.
  2.       After seeing the post, click on the three dots above the post, in the upper right corner.
  3.       A menu will appear and you open up the instruction that says ‘Repost’.
  4.       The Instagram+ app will request you to open your main Instagram app and the reposted post will appear.
  5.       Choose whether to also copy the post caption or not depending on your caption preference.
To Repost an Instagram post you can also follow this other process:

  1.       Log in to your Instagram account and find the post you wish to repost, that is a picture or a video.
  2.       Copy the post’s share URL and paste it into a site called DownloadGram.
  3.       Look for the provided instruction and download the required post.
  4.       The photo or video will appear on your gallery as a downloaded image or clip.
  5.       Open your Instagram account again and find the post in your gallery.
  6.       Post it and add a suitable caption before sharing the post.
It’s up to you to decide your most favorable way to repost on Instagram.

If you are looking forward to being successful on Instagram, you ought to be ready to, understand your targeted audience. Does your field require you to be creative, relevant as well as to share relatable experiences? Find out everything before you start playing the game.


Using the right hashtags gets us the best audience. However, we also have to ensure that the profile and bio are eye-catching and optimized. Also, your feed should be well-planned and very appealing visually. Come up with super creative captions and make your business easy to find. Always remember that consistency is the key.