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Top 10 Offshore Software Development Company

Offshore software development is when software development tasks are assigned to other third-party agencies. This form of software development may include various services such as web development in the form of web apps or mobile apps. This form of software development is cost-effective as a large number of costs are cut due to virtual dealing. The following is a list of the top 10 offshore software development companies which are notable for their work:

Top 10 Companies

1.     Onix Systems: Onix Systems is Ukrainian offshore software development company that specializes in their operations as they have a highly skilled team that provides cost-effective software and app development services.

2.      Bacancy Technology: This is one of the most efficient software development companies as they have completed a long portfolio of projects for different organizations. They serve and provide a huge variety of services that are all tailored to the needs of their customers.

3.      ScienceSoft: They are skilled to satisfy the expectations of all their customers no matter how long the project may be. They make use of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, big data, augmented reality and the Internet of Things.

4.      Existek: Their aim is to solve any challenges that you might come across while completing your projects. They are reliable as they can handle your problems of every difficulty level.

5.      PowerGate Software: Emerging as the top companies in Vietnam, this company has helped a great majority of people in innovating and bringing their ideas to life in a cost-effective and helpful manner.

6.      Goodworklabs: The work done by this company is unique; it sets up global teams across the world in order to gather premium skill and cost-effective locations all in one place, around the globe. Their research and development labs are superior as they carry out tremendous amounts of research on a daily basis.

7.      Finoit: One of the top outsourcing software development companies in the USA and India, this company has a team with an incredible set of skills. They link up with software companies and form a great software development team along with them.

8.      Redwerk: They specialize in the requirement analysis which is Phase 1 in the software development life cycle. They also provide architecture and custom software solutions for their customers.

9.      Solosoft: This company is a master at designing custom software as well as application development services for specific companies in the US.

10.  Spiral Scout: Based in California, this company aims to provide premium engineering in order to help customers build strong digital businesses. They have proven to be strong in helping online businesses to grow faster than others.


Offshore software development companies are an essential part of the software development process around the globe. They help many companies and small-scale businesses to prosper by the high quality of software they design whilst making sure that the cost is minimum and the least resources are made use of.