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Lower Your Home Improvement Budget with These Tips to Save at Lowe’s

The Lowes survey guide has information on how to lower your home improvement budget. For example, home renovation budgets and home remodeling projects are not as easy as they look. Every time you switch to a problem, you need more material, or you need to outsource labor, prices go up. You will need all the pennies you can save. Try these tips and tricks to save money before your next visit to Lowe’s.

Download Lowe’s app

Install the Lowe’s app on your mobile phone. Freely downloadable from the App Store or Google Play, this app offers its buyers the opportunity to compare prices, check inventory status, view product reviews, watch DIY videos, and more.

Use the price match guarantee

The price match guarantee feature offers a lot of value to the customer. If the same item is cheaper in another store, Lowe’s will adjust the price. Remember to consider shipping and handling when comparing prices with online retailers. Lowe’s also has a price protection policy.

Take benefits of free shipping and delivery

You can now enjoy free shipping and delivery. Lowe’s offers free shipping on online orders eligible for $45 and above. Alternatively, you can also deliver it to your local store and receive it for free. Lowe’s also offers free shipping and installation of large appliances (washing machines, dryers, etc.) when you purchase a new Lowe’s connector.

Take benefits of the lower price

You can now negotiate low prices for broken or old items. Use your bargaining skills to buy floor models and slightly damaged or worn items at a bargain. Lowe’s often discounted paint returned by previous customers and wood debris leftover from the previous orders. You can also find bargains of wilted plants that need to be resurrected.

Exchange dying plants to take new plants

Dying plants need to be replaced with new ones. Lowe’s offers plants a one-year warranty. If the perennial, shrub, or tree does not go through the first year, you can buy a replacement. All you have to do is to bring the hanging plants with your receipt, and you will get a refund.

Know the best time to shop on Lowe’s

The best time to shop at Lowe’s is in the season of public holidays in the USA. Anniversaries, Independence Day, Labor Day, Black Friday, and Christmas are good times to shop. Lowe’s also does a big deal called Winter Black Friday in late March or early April. There are special sidewalk sales several times a year, within which you can buy items at great prices. If you’re looking for specific items such as tools, barbecues, garden furniture, etc., our buying guide can help.

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Receive Lowe emails after signing up for the newsletter feature. Get weekly ads, DIY ideas, previews of upcoming in-store events, as well as unique offers and promotions by email. You can sign up for an email by clicking the link in the lower right corner of Lowe’s home page.