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How Do I Prove My Injury Is Work-Related?

While at work, accidents are prone to take place and that is why it is important to ensure you find a good lawyer from some trustworthy company like Jae Lee Law. You however need to prove your injuries are work-related. Having the right documents or witnesses to prove your injuries are work-related benefits you by quickening your application process.

Below are some things you can use for the process and people you can turn to while in the case:

Security footage

In almost every workplace, there is a CCTV camera. This captures all activities taking place around the workplace. In case you are injured, ask for CCTV footage of the place, date, and time you were injured.

Most times, even in courts, such footage is used as evidence in a case. You could use the same when it comes to making claims or compensations during injuries.


People you work with see and hear a lot when working. If the injury takes place in an open environment and someone else witnessed it, then you can ask your workmate to defend your compensation claims.

People who work in teams benefit the most from this category, as you can ask more than one person to defend you.

Report from your employer

As an employee, you have the right to claim a report from your employer in case you are injured. A good employer ensures the compensation from an insurance company takes place at a faster rate, especially if it is a work-related injury.

As an injured employee, document your reports by filling in questionnaires and ensuring they are signed and stamped.

Occupational illness

Some workplaces expose workers to severe environments, and thus people working in the area face unpleasant health conditions. Such examples include loss of hearing if you work in a very loud place, breathing complications if you work in an air polluted environment, and skin conditions if you work under skin unfriendly conditions such as acid processing companies.

Using common sense, a lawyer or a compensation company could tell your injury is work-related if you’re working in a harsh environment.

Medical professional testimony

After examining you, a medical professional is supposed to come up with a report that will be used to compensate you as an employee. If you use the medical report given, and it proves your injuries are work-related, you can easily be compensated for the same.

For example, a part of your body becomes less functional due to frequent use at work, then a good medical professional will write a report requesting compensation for you.

Time records

Employers keep records of when their employees are at work and when they are not working. In case an injury takes place, and it is during your working hours, then you have the right to claim you were injured during work.

Note, however, this is one of the least effective methods to claim you were injured during working hours by a work-related accident. In case you do not have any of the above-mentioned items, then settle for this option.

In conclusion, work-related accidents should be compensated and employees should not shy away from making such compensation claims.