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Consent Management: What Does it Mean?

Following concerns of the lack of data privacy, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was put in place in 2018. One of the provisions of the law was the consent of the user when it came to the sharing of personal data with a business or entity. This came to be known as consent management.

Consent management is a legal requirement. Businesses know they must first obtain the consent of a visitor before they collect their data. Data collection is done through the use of cookies. We are sure that you have come across the pop-up button when visiting a new website for the first time. This applies to all websites in the world.

The collection of personal data can be an important and valid source of information for any company. You are able to use that data to spur on your marketing campaigns and solutions. To do that, you must have a good consent management platform in place. Below are some of the considerations you should take into account when choosing a consent management platform:

  • It tracks consent collection of every client who visits your website.
  • It facilitates the collection of consent by allowing the visitor to opt in or out.

The exemptions

While it is required for businesses to ask visitors to accept the collection of their personal data, there are instances when this can be bypassed;

Contract performance. If you are providing a service to the customer, the contract overrides the need for you to request their consent;

Performance or provision of public services. Local authorities don’t need to comply to the GDPR rules in executing their tasks;

Legitimate interest. This is where a company has a “legitimate reason” for getting your personal data. It is a gray area;

Legal obligation. It is when an entity has the legal mandate of obtaining your data;

Vital interest. A good example is in the case of an emergency.

Penalties and fines

As a company or brand, you might be thinking: “This is so much work. Why should I have to put up a consent management platform? It is such a hassle!” We will advise you to banish those thoughts from your brain.

The GDPR provides heavy fines and penalties for those who circumvent its laws. According to its statutes, you can be fined up to 20 million pounds or 4% of your global revenue. To avoid such a scenario, simply approach an experienced and reputable service provider in the field and request the service.

In Conclusion

We acknowledge the fact that in this digitized and computerized world, competition in any industry is increasing on a daily basis. Companies are looking for ways to market their goods and services properly and make that all-important revenue. But that doesn’t mean that you should access customers’ information illegally. It is only with a compliant consent management platform you can receive trust from your target audience. The confidence and trust that you build will gain you that value you are looking for.