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Best Country to Start a Business as a Foreigner

best country for business in foreign country
In many occasions, people tend to open their businesses in the countries in which they were born. They find it easy to base their operations in their home countries where everything looks familiar. However, it is always good to look around the world and identify some of the opportunities lingering around. But before engaging in foreign investment, you need to take your time and know which countries are best for foreign investment.

According to the world bank, some of the indicators that makes a country suitable for foreign investment include the availability of electrical utilities, credit, ease of obtaining business permits, tax rates, and labor regulations and the capacity of trade to occur across borders. Therefore, the following are some of the best countries to start a business as a foreigner.

New Zealand

With a GDP growth of 3.6%, New Zealand is arguably one of the best countries to invest in as a foreigner. The country has an attractive economic indicator, which makes it an excellent destination for foreign businesses. Also, it has plenty of skilled labor force, which are very affordable as compared to most countries. The World Bank also reports that New Zealand is the best country when it comes to the protection of minority investors.

business in New Zealand
Through technological revolution, New Zealand has made government services available through online platforms. This makes registering of company and property very easy and convenient. Therefore, if you are looking for a country to start your business without hassle, New Zealand should be on your bucket list.

Hong Kong

Over recent decades, Hong Kong’s economy has been growing steadily. This is a good indication of how effective business policies are being enacted in the country. Besides, Hong Kong is usually a free market economy; therefore, highly depends on international trade. This is one thing that makes it easy for foreign investors to start their business in the country. Another significant factor is the availability of skilled and affordable workforce. Last but not least, Hong Kong does not impose any tariffs on imported goods. This makes it easy to import anything you would want for your start-up business without any challenges.

Hong Kong

United States of America (USA) 😉

Even though the United States has a steep corporate tax, it is one of the countries with a stable economy. To make up for high taxes, business operation cost is usually low and fair. Besides, the country has got favorable policies and trade agreements that puts your business in a position to expand its wings to a global scale much easily.


business in Norway
The economy of Norway has withstood global ups and downs in a better way than most countries in Europe. This probably is because of less exposure to unstable global securities. Also, Norway is among the countries with the highest levels of technological advancement. Generally, the majority of government services are done online for convenient purposes. With a high GDP, the country has a lot of disposable income. Lastly, Norway is very transparent and do not tolerate corruption in any way possible.